Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Case List

Aydelott v. Circuit Court of Boone County, No. CV-18-___ (Co-counsel for petitioners, guardianship jurisdiction, Petition for Writ of Prohibition filed)

Miesner v. Estate of Allred, No. CV-16-946 (Petitioner's counsel, Petition to Reinvest Jurisdiction in the Circuit Court and for writ of error coram nobis filed)

Roberts v. Riege, No. CV-17-1016 (default judgment on counterclaim and defense verdict on complaint, co-counsel on appeal for appellee, brief filed)

McGahhey v. McGahhey, No. CV-17-835 (marital property appeal, co-counsel on appeal for appellee, briefing underway)

Phifer v. Cowin, et al, No. CV-17-989 (probate, co-counsel on appeal for appellees Cowin) (briefing underway)

Cooper v. Merweather, No. CV-17-760 (appellant's counsel on appeal, custody, briefing underway)

McCoy v. Robertson, No. CV-17-681 (co-counsel on appeal for appellant, medical negligence case, service issue, brief filed)

Reed v. Smith, No. CV-17-627 (appellants' counsel on appeal, trust, brief filed)

Townsend v. Townsend, No. CV-17-511 (appellant's counsel on appeal, jurisdictional challenge, summons, domestic relations appeal, brief filed)

Riley v. WelcomeToTulum Investment Properties, LLC, No. CV-17-311 (appellant's counsel on appeal, real estate contract, Brief filed)

James v. Walchli, 2017 Ark. App.. 645 (appellee's co-counsel on appeal, order to sign passport application, fees, child support, affirmed in part and reversed in part)

Kraft v. Limestone Partners, LLC, 2017 Ark. App. 315 (co-counsel for petitions for rehearing and review, denied)

Roberts v. Riege, 2017 Ark. App. 408 (co-counsel on appeal for appellee, land case, my motion to dismiss appeal granted)

Wakefield v. Bell, No. CV-17-275 (co-counsel on appeal for appellant, child custody, briefs filed)

Riley v . Welcometotulum Investment, LLC, No. 17-311 (appellant's counsel, my motion to stay granted in Supreme Court during appeal)

Brewington v. Keener, No. 17-1382 & 17-1433 (8th Cir., civil rights, brief filed)

Grantham v. Hornbeck Agricultural Group, LLC, 2017 Ark. App. 520 (co-counsel on appeal for appellant, workers' compensation, affirmed) (petitions for rehearing and review filed)

Barnett v. Cleghorn, 2017 Ark. App. 641 (co-counsel on appeal for appellant, multi vehicle collision, reversed and remanded, my responses to petitions for rehearing and review filed)

Marks v. Saville, 2017 Ark. App. 668 (appellants' counsel on appeal, discovery sanction, affirmed) (petition for rehearing and for review filed)

Darr v. Billeaudeau, No. CV-16-917 (co-counsel for appellant on appeal, will contest, brief filed)

Miesner v. Estate of Joyce Priest Allred, 2017 Ark. App. 390 (appellant's counsel on appeal, family settlement agreement, affirmed)

Barton v. Brockinton, 2017 Ark. App. 369 (appellant's co-counsel on appeal, survey, affirmed) (petitions for rehearing and for review filed)

Hortelano v. Hortelano, 2017 Ark. App. 98 (appellant's co-counsel on appeal, child custody, affirmed)

Sexton v. Local Police and Fire Retirement System, 2016 Ark. App. 496 (Appellant's counsel, cancer disability case arising from fume exposures as firefighter, reversed and remanded)

Lagios v. Goldman, No. 15-1418, United States Supreme Court (substitute counsel for petitioner, adoption), cert. denied, 2016 U.S. LEXIS 4765 (2016)

Emis v. Emis, 2017 Ark 52 (co-counsel for appellant on petition for review, granted, and reversed and remanded to court of appeals)

Razorback Cab of Fort Smith, Inc. v. Amon, 2016 Ark. App. 352 (appellants' co-counsel for petition for rehearing and review) (denied, 2016))

Perry v. Wolfe, No. 16-3229 (co-counsel for appellee on appeal, immunity, affirmed)

Murphey v. Fuller, 2017 Ark. App. 164 (appellee's counsel in appeal, their appeal dismissed without prejudice)

Morris v. Knopick, No. CV-16-373 (appellee's/cross appellant's counsel on appeal, breach of contract and negligence, brief filed)

Apprentice Information Systems, Inc. v. Datascout, LLC, No. CV-16-575 (co-counsel on appeal for appellee, interlocutory appeal, injunction, motion to reassign to Supreme Court granted, brief filed))

Fowlkes v. Director Department of Workforce Services, 2017 Ark. App. 56 (appellant's counsel on appeal, unemployment, affirmed)

Morris v. Grand Savings Bank, No. CV-16-308 (co-counsel on appeal for appellees, contract and tort claims) (appeal resolved while briefing underway)

Harris v. Beth, 2017 Ark. App. 186 (co-counsel on appeal for appellee, immunity, affirmed)

Hood v. Hood,, 2016 Ark. App. 266 (appellant's co-counsel on appeal, guardianship.reversed and remanded)

Carlton v. Rice, No. 2016 Ark. App. 128 & 2016 Ark. App. 129 (en banc) (appellant's co-counsel on appeal in two probate cases, appeals dismissed as moot due to reversal in companion case)

Copeland Holdings, LLC v. Serio, et al, 2017 Ark. App. 280 (for appellants, interlocutory appeal from judgment, reversed and remanded)(responses to petitions for rehearing and review filed)

Patterson v. Heritage Manor, Inc., 2016 Ark. App. 301 (appellant's co-counsel on appeal, landlord liability, affirmed)

Hadder v. Heritage Hill Manor, Inc., 2016 Ark. App. 303 (appellant's co-counsel on appeal, landlord liability, affirmed)

Walchli v. Walchli, 2015 Ark. App. 562 (appellee's co-counsel on appeal, attorney fee award, affirmed)

Hortelano v. Hortelano, No. CV-15-193 (appellant's co-counsel on appeal, child custody, brief filed)

Blevins v. Hudson, 2016 Ark. 150 (co-counsel for appellant on appeal, quasi-judicial immunity, affirmed) cert. denied, 2016 U.S. LEXIS 5154 (2016)

Edmondson v. Lockett, 2015 Ark. App. 571 (co-counsel for appellee on appeal) (retirement and contempt, affirmed)

Morris v. Knopick, 2015 Ark. App. 653 (appellee's counsel on appeal) (their appeal dismissed for lack of final order)

Trujillo v. TK Martial Arts Academy, LLC, 2015 Ark. App. 606 (appellant's counsel on appeal, wrongful death, release, affirmed)

Barton v. Brockington, No. CV-15-200 (co-counsel for appellants on appeal, land dispute) (appeal dismissed without prejudice because of finality issue, petitions for rehearing and for review filed)

Tarasenko v. University of Arkansas, 616 Fed. Appx. 214, 2015 U.S. App. LEXIS 17240 (8th Cir. Ark. 10-1-15) (8th Cir., appeal from employment termination, counsel for appellant, affirmed) (petition for writ of certiorari to United States Supreme Court denied)

Boyd Corley Construction, LLC v. Cummins Mid-South, LLC, 2015 Ark. App. 229 (co-counsel on appeal for Appellee, contract, reversed) (petition for review denied, with one dissent)

Fry v. Fry, 2015 Ark. App. 339 (Appellant's counsel on appeal, property division, affirmed)

Davis v. Davis, 2016 Ark. 64 (Arkansas Supreme Court, considering certified question on jurisdiction, and remanding to Court of Appeals for decision on merits); No. CV-14-933 (co-counsel for Appellee in divorce appeal, brief filed)

Cason v. Lambert, 2015 Ark. App. 41 (Appellant's counsel on appeal, trust, affirmed)

Rottinghaus v. Hollowell, No. 14-2471, 8th Cir. 2014 (co-counsel on appeal, excessive force and death, civil rights, affirmed)

Foust v Montez-Torres, 2015 Ark. 66 (Appellee's counsel on appeal, visitation former same-sex friend, affirmed)

Fletcher v. Stewart, 2015 Ark. App. 105 (co-counsel for appellees on appeal, adverse possession, affirmed)

Planchon v. Local Police & Fire Retirement System, 2015 Ark. 131 (Supreme Court denying motion for revivor and granting alternative motion to remand) No. CV-13-1133, Appellant's counsel on appeal, firefighter's disability (briefs filed in Court of Appeals and also Supreme Court

Horne v. Henson, 2014 Ark. App. 687 (for appellant, breach of contract judgment, dismissed without prejudice due to lack of final order, from pro se notice of appeal)

Smith v. Norris, No. 14-1273 (8th Cir. 2014) (assisting counsel in civil rights appeal, brief filed)

Dickson v. McHugh, No. 14-1289 (8th Cir. 2014) (co-counsel on appeal for Appellant, Title VII and ADEA) ( brief filed)

Hymes v. Pinewood Health & Rehab., 2014 Ark. App. 320 (Appellant's counsel on appeal, workers' compensation, affirmed)

Burks v. Liberty Bank of Arkansas, 2014 Ark. App. 672 (Appellants' counsel on appeal, property, affirmed)

Kendall v. Golden, No. CV-13-745 (co-counsel for Appellees on appeal, adverse possession, appeal dismissed)

Travelers Casualty & Surety Co., BCC Construction LLC, Boyd Corley Construction v. Sweet's Contracting, Inc., 2014 Ark. 484 (co-counsel for Appellee/Cross Appellant, affirmed in part, reversed in part)

Lafferty v. Everett, 2014 Ark. App. 332 (co-counsel for Appellants on appeal, adverse possession, affirmed)

Venable v. Fred's, Inc., et al, 2014 Ark. App. 286 (co-counsel for Appellants on appeal, expert opinion on causation, affirmed)

Fritts v. State, 2013 Ark. 505 (assisted Appellant's counsel in murder appeal, suppression issue, affirmed)

Carr v. Garland County Circuit Court, No. 13-697 (co-counsel on appeal, response to petition for writ of prohibition, constitutionality of John Doe statute, Petition denied, without prejudice)

Piping Industrial Company, Inc. v. Future Fuel Chemical Company, 2013 Ark. App. 549 (provided assistance in Reply Brief for Appellant's counsel, breach of contract, affirmed in part, dismissed in part)

Carter v. Cline, 2013 Ark. 398 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, consultation in breach of contract appeal, affirmed)

Joshlin Brothers Irrigation v. Sunbelt Rental, Inc., 2014 Ark. App. 65 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, commercial litigation involving liability of partner, affirmed)

Skalla v. Canepari, 2013 Ark. 415 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, fiduciary duty claim between co-tenants, affirmed)

Gulfco of Louisiana, Inc. v. Brantley, 2013 Ark. 367 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, declining to enforce contracts from Louisiana, which would be usurious in Arkansas, affirmed)

Crittenden County, Arkansas v. Davis, 2013 Ark. App. 655 (co-counsel on appeal for Appellee, contract, reversed)

Patel v. Trivedi and New York Life Insurance Company, 2013 U.S. App. LEXIS 22169 (8th Cir. 2013) (counsel for Appellants on appeal, affirmed in part, and reversed in part)

Queen v. Nortel Networks, 2013 Ark. App. 523 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, workers' compensation case, affirmed)

May v. Goodman, 2013 Ark. 82 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, in a case of first impression regarding interpretation of the per curiam changing summons requirements, reversed and remanded)

Scudder v. Ramsey, 2013 Ark. 115 (co-counsel for Appellee on appeal, of first impression on its facts where a mother is adopted by her cousin and argues this terminated previously-ordered grandparent visitation with the mother's child, my petition to transfer to Supreme Court granted, and reversed on visitation, affirmed on contempt, remanded on fee award)

Porocel Corporation v. Washington, 2013 Ark. 172 (co-counsel for Respondent on appeal, Petition for Writ of Prohibition, exclusivity of remedy, writ granted)

Reynolds Metals Company v. Kirksey, 2013 Ark. 287 (co-counsel for Respondent on appeal, exclusivity of remedy, writ granted with two dissenting opinions)

Hughes v. Dalton, 2013 Ark. App. 142 (counsel for Appellant on appeal, involving a testamentary trust and deeds, affirmed)

Bradley Timberland Resources, LLC v. Webster Business Credit Corp., 712 F.3d 401 (8th Cir. 2013) (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, removal and statutes of limitations, affirmed)

Blankenship v. USA Truck, 515 Fed. Appx. 622 (8th Cir. 2013) (Appellant's counsel on appeal, involving fraudulent inducement, previously reversed and upon remand, we again appealed, affirmed)

McVesting, LLC v. Heirs of Macie McGoon, 2012 Ark. App. 541, (co-counsel for Appellees on appeal, standing and sufficiency of notice of appeal, reversed and remanded)

Stuart v. Stuart, 2012 Ark. App. 458, (for Appellant's counsel, alimony, affirmed)

Westwood v. McCormick, No. 12-720 (Sept. 4, 2012), (co-counsel for Respondent Estate regarding extraordinary writ filed by Petitioner in medical negligence case with service of process attack, Petitioner's requested writ of certiorari denied)

Arkansas State Highway Commission v. Thomas Ewell Burrow Family Trust, 2012 Ark. App. 325, (co-counsel for Appellees on appeal, motion to dismiss regarding faxed judgment, appeal dismissed)

Samontry v. State, 2012 Ark. 105, (for Appellant’s counsel, disqualification order based on successive representation, reversed)

Queen v. Nortel Networks, Inc., 2012 Ark. App. 188, (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, workers' compensation, reversed and remanded)

Machen v. Machen, 2011 Ark. 531, (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, family settlement agreement, my petition for review by Supreme Court granted, and affirmed but modified)

Fincher v. Fincher, 2011 Ark. App. 563 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, divorce grounds, divorce decree reversed)

Thomas Ewell Burrow Family Trust v. Circuit Court of Garland County, No. 11-654 (co-counsel on appeal for the Petitioners [Appellees], Petition for Writ of Certiorari, denied without prejudice)

Bradley v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 2011 Ark. 257 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, not made whole, reversed)

Baxter v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 2011 Ark. 260 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, not made whole, reversed)

Riley v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 2011 Ark. 256 (co-counsel for Appellant on appeal, not made whole, reversed)

Keckler v. Arkansas Department of Human Services, 2011 Ark. 375 (for Appellee’s, father’s counsel, custody, affirmed).

Jones v. Bourassa, 2011 Ark. App. 369 (for Appellee's counsel, breach of contract and restitution, affirmed)

Kesai v. Stephens, 2011 Ark. 207 (for Appellant's counsel, costs for voluntary non-suit, reversed)

Kemp v. Kemp, 2011 Ark. App. 354 (for Appellant's counsel, child support modification, affirmed)

Erwin v. Erwin, 2011 Ark. App. 337 (co-counsel for Appellee, motion to dismiss granted)

Bundy v. Moody, 2011 Ark. App. 200 (for Appellant's counsel, contempt, reversed)

Burns v. Stewart, 2011 Ark. App. 197 (for Appellee's counsel, boundary dispute, affirmed)

Fox v. Nagle, 2011 Ark. App. 178 (for Appellant's counsel, adoption, reversed).

Evans v. Hamby, 2011 Ark. 69 (for Appellant's counsel, legal malpractice, affirmed).

Machen v. Machen, 2011 Ark. App. 47 (for Appellant's counsel, family settlement agreement, affirmed) (Petition for Review later granted, and affirmed as modified, as noted above)

Racine v. Nelson, 2011 Ark. 50 (for Appellant's counsel, adoption order, affirmed).

Brown v. Hicks, 2011 Ark. 41 (for Appellee's counsel, standing to appeal, reversed).

Kowalski v. Rose Drugs of Dardanelle, Inc., 2011 Ark. 44 (for Appellant's counsel, pharmacy duty to warn, affirmed).

Ludwig v. Bella Casa, LLC, 2010 Ark. 435 (for Appellant's counsel, regarding jury trial entitlement in equitable claim, reversed in part).

Bio-Tech Pharmacal, Inc. v. Blouin, 2010 Ark. App. 714 (co-counsel on appeal for Appellant, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Estate of Helen Virginia Coan v. Gaughan, 2010 Ark. App. 616 (for Appellant's counsel, attorney's fees award, affirmed).

Henry v. QHG of Springdale, Inc., 2010 Ark. App. 847 (for Appellant's counsel, regarding Ark. Code Ann. § 16-22-309, affirmed).

Foster v. Foster, 2010 Ark. App. 594 (for Appellant's counsel, will and trust, affirmed).

Isely v. Brockman, 2009 Ark. App. 199 (for Appellee's counsel, adverse possession, affirmed).

Stevens v. Mid-South Mixers, Inc., 2010 Ark. App. 519 (for Appellant's counsel, workers' compensation, reversed).

Estate of Coan v. Estate of Coan, 2010 Ark. 411 (for Appellants' counsel, regarding statute of limitations concerning estate order, reversed).

Bell v. Hoofman, 2010 Ark. App. 377 (for Appellant's counsel, dismissal of easement and road de novo case, reversed).

Blankenship v. USA Truck, Inc., 601 F.3d 852 (8th Cir. 2010) (for Appellant's counsel, whether no-reliance clause in settlement agreement precludes a later fraud claim, reversed).

Lipps v. Lipps, 2010 Ark. App. 295 (for Appellee's counsel, child custody, affirmed).

Moore v. First Presbyterian Church of Searcy, Arkansas, Inc., 2010 Ark. App. 269 (for Appellant's counsel, probate, affirmed).

Larco v. Robinson Contracting, Inc., 2010 Ark. App. 263 (for Appellee's counsel, breach of contract with an award of fees, reversed in part).

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company v. Care Management, Inc., 2010 Ark. 110 (for Respondent's counsel, certified question answered regarding coverage, holding insurer need not prove prejudice when notice, as condition precedent to coverage, is not timely given).

Reynolds v. Estate of Thomas Edward Goodwin, 2010 Ark. App. 175 (for Appellant's counsel, estate dispute, reversed in part).

Nunnenman v. Estate of Donald T. Grubbs, 2010 Ark. App. 175 (for Appellee's counsel, IRA beneficiary dispute, reversed).

Lillian H. Ashton Trust v. Caraway, 2009 Ark. App. 806 (for Appellant's counsel, contract, affirmed).

Crown Custom Homes, Inc. v. Buchanan Services, 2009 Ark. App. 442 (for Appellant's counsel, contract dispute, affirmed).

Evans v. Evans, 2009 Ark. App. 626 (for Appellant's counsel, retirement benefits, reversed).

Hernandez v. Wal-Mart Associates, Inc., 2009 Ark. App. 531 (for Appellant's counsel, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Harry Stephens Farms, Inc. v. Wormald Americas, Inc., 571 F.3d 820 (8th Cir. 2009) (for Appellants' counsel, summary judgment ruling in pollution case involving several defendants, including Exxon Mobil, reversed).

J.P. Jaynes, Special Administrator v. Citizens Bank of Batesville, 2009 Ark. App. 378 (for Appellant's counsel, involving amendment to trust, affirmed).

Skinner v. Seliga, 2009 Ark. App.390 (for Appellants' counsel, involving attorney's fees claim under subdivision covenants, reversed for award of fees, and motion granted awarding fees in appeal itself also).

Hatch v. Hatch, 2009 Ark. App.337 (for Appellant's counsel, involving retirement benefits, affirmed).

Foscue v. McDaniel, 2009 Ark. 223 (for Appellant's counsel, regarding defense of loan case and counterclaim, reversed).

White v. King, 2009 Ark. App. 244 (for Appellant's counsel, involving revivor, affirmed).

Ruiz v. Estate of Bradley James Thompson, 317 Fed. Appx. 412, 2009 U.S. App. LEXIS 6278 (5th Cir. 2009) (for Appellee's counsel, from Texas summary judgment involving serviceman's life insurance policy, affirmed).

Donovan v. Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct, 375 Ark. 350 (2009) (for Appellant's counsel, affirmed, Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied by United States Supreme Court).

Jackson v. Jackson, 2009 Ark. App. 238 (for Appellee's counsel, involving alimony, property division, including retirement funds, affirmed).

Ashley v. State, 2006 Ark. App. LEXIS 758 (for Appellant's counsel, probable cause issue involving search of tractor-trailer load of marijuana, affirmed).

Fordyce Bank & Trust v. Bean Timberland, Inc., 369 Ark. 90, 251 S.W.3d 267 (2007) (for Appellant's counsel, UCC appeal involving timber, affirmed).

Ryder v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 371 Ark. 508, 268 S.W.3d 298 (2007) (for Appellant's counsel, not made whole doctrine, reversed).

Moses v. Castro-Lopez, 2006 Ark. App. LEXIS 388 (for Appellant's counsel, not made whole doctrine, reversed).

Lackey v. Mays, 103 Ark. App. 70 (2008) (assisted Appellant's counsel, negligence case involving division of injuries in motor vehicle collisions, affirmed).

Lee v. Martindale, 103 Ark. App. 36 (2008) (assisted Appellant's counsel, reversed in part).

Carmody v. Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., 373 Ark. 79, 281 S.W.3d 721 (2008) (for Appellant's counsel, denying motion to dismiss appeal but affirming order compelling arbitration).

Barnes v. Greenhead Farming Co., Inc., 101 Ark. App. 129, 270 S.W.3d 873 (2008) (for Appellant's counsel, workers' compensation, reversed).

Carmody v. Betts, 104 Ark. App. 84 (2008) (for Appellant's counsel, interpretation of trust, affirmed).

England v. Alston, 2008 Ark. App. LEXIS 227 (for Appellant's counsel, medical negligence case, affirmed).

Nash v. Landmark Storage, 102 Ark. App. 82 (2008) (for Appellant's counsel, negligence involving theft from storage facilities, affirmed).

Roark v. City of Cotton Plant, 323 Fed. Appx. 481, 2009 U.S. App. LEXIS 8965 (8th Cir. 2009) (for Appellant's counsel, civil rights case, affirmed).

Frawley v. Wood, 2007 Ark. App. LEXIS 733 (for Appellant's counsel, foreclosure case, affirmed).

Aubrey v. Aubrey, 2007 Ark. App. LEXIS 756, 2007 W.L. 3276988 (2007) (for Appellant's counsel, division of property, affirmed).

Smith v. Eisen, 97 Ark. App. 130, 245 S.W.3d 160 (2006) (assisted Appellee's counsel, affirmed on direct appeal, reversed on cross appeal).

Cutright v. State, 97 Ark. App. 70, 244 S.W.3d 702 (2006) (for Appellee's counsel, adoption and preference under Indian treaty, reversed).

Aguilar v. Galdamez, 2007 Ark. App. LEXIS 322 (for Appellant's counsel, affirmed).

Swindle v. State, 373 Ark. 519 (2008) (for Appellant's counsel, affirmed in part, but error declared; Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied by the United States Supreme Court).

Solis v. State, 373 Ark. 255 (2008) (for Appellant's counsel, forfeiture case, affirmed).

Holland v. State, 2008 Ark. App. LEXIS 314 (for Appellant's counsel, denial of motion to transfer juvenile defendant, affirmed).

Mann v. Mann, 2008 W.L. 4152856 (Ark. Ct. App., Sept. 10, 2008) (for Appellee's counsel, property settlement, affirmed).

Tenner v. Aerocare Holdings, Inc., 2007 Ark. LEXIS 665 (for Appellant's counsel, workers' compensation rebuttable presumption, affirmed).

Creed v. State, 372 Ark. 221, 273 S.W.3d 494 (2007) (for Appellant's counsel, adequacy of mental evaluation, affirmed, Petition for Writ of Certiorari denied by the United States Supreme Court).

Despain v. Bradburn, 372 Ark. 272, 282 S.W.3d 814 (2008), for Appellants' counsel, products' liability case, reversed, reh'g granted with substituted opinion, affirmed, following United States Supreme Court decision involving pre-emption.

Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Arkansas, Inc. v. Nowlin, 101 Ark. App. 354, 276 S.W.3d 723 (2008) (for Appellee's counsel, homeowner's insurance, reversed).

Schmoll v. Hartford Casualty Insurance Company, 104 Ark. App. 215 (2009) (for Appellant's counsel, negligence case resulting in unauthorized burial of cattle, affirmed).

Davis v. Badley, 2008 W.L. 4821008 (Ark. Ct. App., Nov. 5, 2008) (for Appellee's counsel, misrepresentation case, affirmed).

Sims v. Moser, 373 Ark. 491 (2008) (for Appellee's counsel, judicial corporate dissolution, reversed in part).

Sharp v. Tucker, 2008 Ark. App. LEXIS 830 (for Appellant's counsel, quiet title, affirmed).

BBAS, Inc. v. Marlin Leasing Corp., 104 Ark. App. 63 (2008) (for Appellant's counsel, conversion, reversed in part).

Loghry v. Rogers Group, Inc., 348 Ark. 369, 72 S.W.3d 449 (2002) (for Appellant's counsel, products liability, immunity defenses, affirmed).

Jenkins v. City of Little Rock, 52 Ark. App. 113, 915 S.W.2d 298 (1996) (for Appellant's counsel, contract, affirmed).

Burns v. Boot Scooters, Inc., 61 Ark. App. 124, 965 S.W.2d 798 (1998) (for Appellant's counsel, bouncer, reversed).

Johnson v. Democrat Printing & Lithograph, 57 Ark. App. 274, 944 S.W.2d 138 (1997) (for Appellant, workers' compensation toxic exposure, affirmed).

Hatten v. Little Rock Dodge, 47 Ark. App. 147, 886 S.W.2d 891 (1994) (for Appellant, workers' compensation subrogation, reversed).

Parker v. Holder, 315 Ark. 307, 867 S.W.2d 436 (1993) (for Appellant's counsel, jury instruction, reversed).

Thomas v. Cornell, 316 Ark. 366, 872 S.W.2d 370 (1994) (for Appellant's counsel, medical negligence, affirmed).

Carr v. General Motors Corp., 322 Ark. 664, 911 S.W.2d 575 (1995) (for Appellant's counsel, products' liability, affirmed).

Cortinez v. Brighton, 320 Ark. 88, 894 S.W.2d 919 (1995) (for Appellant's counsel, Rule 11 sanctions, affirmed).

Weaver v. Whitaker Furniture Co., Inc., 55 Ark. App. 400, 935 S.W.2d 584 (1996) (for Appellant's counsel, workers' compensation statutory presumption, affirmed).

McGuire v. Smith, 58 Ark. App. 68, 946 S.W.2d 717 (1997) (for Appellee's counsel, probate, affirmed).

Southern Transit Co., Inc. v. Collums, 333 Ark. 170, 966 S.W.2d 906 (1998) (for Appellee's counsel, default judgment, affirmed).

Vincent v. Prudential Insurance Brokerage, 333 Ark. 414, 970 S.W.2d 215 (1998) (for Appellant's counsel, hospitalization policy, affirmed).

Wilson v. Beloit Corp., 869 F.2d 1162 (8th Cir. 1989) (for Appellants' counsel, products' liability spoiliation, reversed).

International Paper Co. v. Wilson, 34 Ark. App. 87, 805 S.W.2d 668 (1991) (for Appellee's counsel, workers' compensation settlement around the carrier, affirmed).

Tracor/MBA v. United States, 933 F.2d 663 (8th Cir. 1991) (for Appellant's counsel, FTCA,, affirmed).

Smith v. Rogers Group, Inc., 348 Ark. 241, 72 S.W.3d 450 (2002) (for Appellant's counsel, products' liability, affirmed).

Smith v. Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. of Arkansas, Inc., 88 Ark. App. 22, 194 S.W.3d 212 (2002) (for Appellant's counsel, homeowner's policy, reversed).

Taylor v. City of North Little Rock, 88 Ark. App. 48, 194 S.W.3d 197 (2004) (for Appellant's counsel, UIM, affirmed).

Alberson v. Automobile Club Interinsurance Exchange, 71 Ark. App. 162, 27 S.W.3d 447 (2000) (for Appellant's counsel, UIM, affirmed).

Bell v. Bershears, 351 Ark. 260, 92 S.W.3d 32 (2002) (for Appellant's counsel, costs under Rule 68, reversed in part).

Tucker v. Barnhart, 130 Fed. Appx. 67, 2005 U.S. App. LEXIS 7814, 2005 W.L. 1018055 (8th Cir. 2005) (for Appellant's counsel, social security disability, affirmed).

Leofsky v. Contemporary Concepts, 1988 Ark. App. LEXIS 189 (for Appellant, workers' compensation, reversed).

Hydro Services, Inc. v. Smith, 1990 Ark. App. LEXIS 323 (for Appellant, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Lee, 1996 Ark. App. LEXIS 561 (for Appellant, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Moore v. Eudora Garment, 1997 Ark. App. LEXIS 55 (for Appellant, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Heinmiller v. Rogers Grocery, Inc., 1997 W.L. 327244 (Ark. Ct. App.) (for Appellant, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Akis v. Chicopee, 1994 Ark. App. LEXIS 180 (for Appellant, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Automated Production Equipment Co. v. POM, Inc., 1995 Ark. App. LEXIS 591 (for Appellant's counsel, breach of contract, affirmed).

Platt v. Upjohn Healthcare, 1995 Ark. App. LEXIS 267 (for Appellant's counsel, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Woods v. Bayou Grain & Chem. Co., 1997 Ark. App. LEXIS 215 (for Appellant's counsel, workers' compensation, affirmed).

Pasley v. Giles, 1997 Ark. App. LEXIS 688 (for Appellant's counsel, certificates of deposit, affirmed).

Hunt v. Riley, 322 Ark. 453, 909 S.W.2d 329 (1995) (for Appellee's counsel, class action and sanction issues, affirmed).