Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Articles and Presentations


General Information:

Robert S. Tschiemer writes weekly reviews for the Arkansas Bar Association, which are available exclusively to its members. These are posted on the Bar Association site and distributed by email. In addition, mini reviews of some of the most significant opinions are distributed by the Bar Association as well.

My mini reviews and comprehensive case reviews are distributed weekly by the Arkansas  Bar Association to its members as an exclusive member benefit. The comprehensive reviews are also distributed nationally by Fast Case.

I have a new advertisement in the Arkansas blue book for 2015, on the inside back cover.  There are also advertisements in each edition of magazines published by the Arkansas Bar Association and the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association.  I thank everyone for your support.  

On Fridays, there are weekly evaluations of each week's decisions by a rotating group of attorneys, at the Denny's restaurant on Shackleford near I-430, in Little Rock, beginning at 7:30 a.m. This discussion group meeting lasts approximately an hour.

Present Committee Memberships: Handbook Committee, Arkansas Bar Association and Publications Committee, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association

 Some  of Many CLE Presentations

Guest Speaker, "Mechanics of Appeal”, and Member of Panel Discussion on Oral Argument, in  “Appellate Advocacy,” March 12-13, 2015, Arkansas Bar Association,  Little Rock.

Guest speaker, “Significant Case Law Update”, The Best of CLE,  Arkansas Bar Association, Bowen School of Law, Little Rock, June 24, 2014

Guest Speaker, “Abstracting”, Appellate Advocacy Basics Seminar, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, 9-26-08, Little Rock 

"Settlement Around & Not Made Whole: Two Approaches to Personal Injury & Insurance Lien Claims,", ATLA Docket,Winter 2010

Interview of Robert Tschiemer, by Television Station KARK-NBC, regarding the meaning of a recent Supreme Court ruling, broadcast 6 p.m. news, 12-10-10

"Inadvertent Disclosure", ATLA Docket, Winter 2009

Adjunct Professor, workers' compensation, summer sessions, 2003-2008, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, William H. Bowen School of Law

Guest speaker, "How to Get a Case Reversed," Advanced Appellate Workshop, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, 3-13-09, Little Rock

Guest speaker, "Abstracting", Appellate Advocacy Basics Seminar, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, 9-26-08, Little Rock

"Presenting Punitive Damages at Trial: What is Needed to Keep Them on Appeal", ATLA Docket, Spring 2007

Guest Speaker, "Subrogation & the Not Made Whole Doctrine", Encore: The Best of the Best, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, 6-30-06, Fayetteville

Guest Speaker, "Significant Tort Decisions: The Year in Review", 43rd Annual Convention, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, 4-27-29-06, Eureka Springs

"A Survey of Tort Decisions in the Last Year", ATLA Docket, Winter 2006

"Subrogation and the 'Not Made Whole Doctrine' -- Competing Demands of Insurance Companies, DHS and ERISA Payors", ATLA Docket, Summer 2004

"If Breach of Warranties are Alleged in a Products Liability Personal Injury Action, May the Prevailing Party Recover Attorney's Fees under Ark. Code Ann. Section 16-22-308?", ATLA Docket,Summer 2003

"What's New in Appellate Practice in Civil Cases", ATLA Docket, Summer 2002

Tschiemer, "Employment Discrimination: Seventh Annual Survey of Arkansas Law", 7 U.A.L.R. L.J. 211 (1984)

Tschiemer,"Employment Discrimination -- The Bottom Line Defense in Disparate Impact Cases," 6 U.A.L.R. L.J. 475 (1983)